Top cheap and best wireless doorbells 2020

1. Panasonic VL-SV30VN wireless ring

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Referring to the picture doorbell, it is impossible not to mention the Panasonic brand from Japan, this is one of the leading brands of electric bells as well as other household products. Panasonic wireless bells are diverse in terms of models, designs, prices and features. Panasonic products have prices ranging from 100,000 VND to 8,000,000 VND. Panasonic VL-SV30VN is one of Panasonic’s best doorbells.

– Advantages:

Connect with 2 doorbell cameras, 2 electromagnetic door locks
Save 50 color photos
Can change the voices for uninvited guests
Water-resistant wireless doorbell as standard
The communication distance between the main screen and the secondary screen is maximum 100m
The camera has an LED light for easy viewing at night
– Disadvantage: does not support viewing images via phone remotely using 3G and wifi

– Reference price: 2,550,000 VND

2. Horizen Smart Wireless Doorbell

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This is also a product chosen by many people, although it originates from China, but it has excellent features and design.

– Advantages:

Up to 58 ringtone tracks and 4 different volume levels to choose from
Backlight works when someone comes home to assist clients with hearing loss
Products with low power consumption, battery life up to 2 years
Is a wireless waterproof doorbell, the using distance is up to 300m
Easy to install, cheap price
– Disadvantage: causing noise when installed in the iron door

– Reference price: 245,000 VND

3. Wireless doorbell 2 Cacazi bells

Another famous brand for the doorbell with pictures is Cacazi, origin in China with many beautiful and convenient designs.

– Advantages:

Includes 36 ringing tones with small, medium and loud adjustable sound levels
Package includes 2 bells and 1 button
Using distance up to 200m
The button is water resistant
Product battery use minimum 1 year
– Cons: when the volume is set to maximum, the sound is sometimes a bit shy.

– Reference price: 250,000 VND

4. Sunmax SLG8001-W wireless electric bell

Sunmax is a brand from Vietnam. With the motto “Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods”, Sunmax has launched many low-priced and high-quality products for Vietnamese people. The Sunmax SLG8001-W wireless bell is a premium product and worth buying.

– Advantages:

Compact design, beautiful bell cover made of plastic
The bells use energy-saving solar energy, safe for users, very friendly with the environment.
Wireless doorbell is waterproof, dustproof, and explosion proof.
Design an ERP circuit that is safe to use
Wireless bell, no battery
Signal transmission distance: 150m
– Disadvantage: maximum transmission distance over 100m, not far to 150m as described

– Reference price: 460,000 VND

5. High-end expert wireless doorbell

Professional wireless bell, brand from China, is also a highly appreciated product by many consumers.

– Advantages:

Compact, luxurious and elegant design
Using distance 100m
There are 12 ringtone styles for you to choose from
The button is water resistant
The product is cheap and easy to install
– Weakness

The ringtone style is not very good
The battery of a non-professional product makes it harder to buy when it runs out.
– Reference price: 175,000 VND

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