Top 5 Restaurants in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is a growing destination, especially in gastronomy. Today, many tourists choose this destination to try some of their favorite dishes. This city is a mixture of Arab tradition and imported Western culture.

That is why you will be able to find some restaurants like:

The Globe

With an incredible panoramic view and a varied menu, this haute cuisine restaurant is one of the most exclusive in the city. It is located in a glass sphere at the top of the Al Faisaliah Tower. This restaurant offers Arabic dishes and modern European dishes. It consists of three complete menus created in perfection for its customers.

As it is 240 meters in the sky, guests have a spectacular view of the city of Riyadh.


This restaurant stands out from others for its “interactive” dining experience. All dishes diners select come with an entertaining show by the chefs, creating dishes at live cooking stations in the open kitchen.

Under the watchful eye of chef Ahmad Sleiman, the restaurant lives up to its promise of being a cosmopolitan and vibrant place among the various culinary options in Riyadh.


Spazio is a restaurant that combines Italian cuisine with various international and Arabic dishes. The decor is similar to a lovely Art Deco-style sushi bar.

However, the best part of Spazio is the view, which is best appreciated after sunset. Because the restaurant is located on the 77th floor of the Kingdom Tower skyscraper, the second-tallest building in Arabia, you can enjoy incredible views while enjoying a wonderful meal.

Once the dining experience is over, guests should not miss the fantastic sky bridge walkway at the top of the building.

The Najd Village

Considered one of the most visited restaurants in the city. The name Najd goes back to the original name of Riyadh, but also to its settlers and the food of a bygone era.

Since 1996, this restaurant has merged Saudi tradition with modernity and created the best traditional meals in the city, served in a museum decor.

Some of the restaurant’s specialties are two legendary dishes, the mild and spicy lamb dish moqalqal, and matazzez, or Saudi dumplings. Don’t hesitate to try them when you visit the restaurant.

Set Al Sham

Set Al Sham is known for its innovative design. Its decor is inspired by Syrian, Egyptian, and Lebanese cultures. Because of this, it is very popular with both visitors and residents. The restaurant serves a Middle Eastern buffet with additional appetizers. Due to its extensive menu, it is the perfect place to get acquainted with Arabic food if you’ve never tried it.

Mirage Restaurant

This restaurant is perfect if you are looking for a fusion of Asian and Arabic food. They offer a wide selection of Chinese dishes with Taiwanese and Arabic additions.

Inside the restaurant, you will find beautiful decorations such as huge aquariums with various colorful fish, illuminated waiting areas, and a stunning pond in the center of the dining room.

Other information about Saudi Arabian tourism

More than 50 residents of different countries worldwide need to [apply for a Saudi Arabia Tourist e-Visa] to enter. However, if you don’t know the requirements according to your country of residence, don’t worry! **iVisa** has all the necessary tools to identify what you need to for your trip, the procedure to obtain it, and a group of experts who will be able to advise you along the way.

On the other hand, you should know about COVID-19 entry restrictions. Currently, the Saudi government has removed all entry regulations. As a result, travelers no longer need to present a vaccination certificate or undergo testing or quarantine. However, this information may always vary depending on the evolution of the pandemic in the country.

On the other hand, the authorities recommend that all foreign visitors travel with medical insurance covering any accident or illness, including COVID-19.

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