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American Home Equity Loans continues to promote low rate mortgage refinance loans for applicants seeking low cost debt consolidation. A.H.E.L. can help you find first and second mortgage refinancing for borrowers with good, bad or no credit scores. We are a direct Lender who works with a vast network of mortgage lenders and home mortgage refinance companies.

Get a 2nd chance today and benefit from mortgage refinance help from the financing pros on our staff. Refinance into a lower payment and choose from several terms to meet your specific home mortgage refinancing needs.

The loan industry has seen many dramatic changes in recent years. We understand that home mortgage refinancing can be challenging with so many changes going on in the mortgage industry, so it is more important than ever to work with a lending company who understands your needs and government loans. FHA mortgage refinancing has become a viable option for thousands of homeowners who recently had trouble getting approved for conventional home refinancing.

Our lending network provides a variety of refinance loans that the lowest interest rates online. We save our clients’ money with reduced interest rates or we recommend a different home mortgage refinancing solution with no cost to you.

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American Home Equity Loans offers fixed home mortgage refinancing, home equity loans, lines of credit, HELOC’s, home improvement loans, and debt consolidation mortgages. A.H.E.L looks beyond your credit scores. Even if others have turned you down, American Home equity wants to earn your business and that is why we offer stellar mortgage refinance help.

Refinancing debt and consolidating bills with American Home Equity can lower your monthly payments significantly. You can receive cash out in your loan for Home Improvements, investments and bill consolidation.

Consolidate your high-interest debt
Consolidate high-interest debt such as credit cards. Your overall monthly payments will be reduced and may even be tax deductions

Alt-A Program Highlights

Part of having something for everyone includes all the elements of Alt-A. These programs give you even more choices for borrowers whose loan options fall between the cracks.  A.H.E. works with refinance lenders like Downs Financial who understand how to get the challenging home mortgage loans to the funding table.

  • Our Sub-Prime refinance programs are available with:
  • 30-Year Fixed
  • 5/25 ARM (fixed Rate for 5 Years)
  • 10-Year Interest Only option
  • 15-Year Fixed
  • 80/20 1st and 2nd Combination Refinancing (N
  • PMI)

American Home Equity Loans offers 100% Refinance Loans for Credit scores 600+

  • Loan amount maximum $1,650,000
  • Loan amount minimum $55,000 (1st mortgage)
  • Loan amount minimum $20,000 (2nd mortgage)
  • Full, stated (SIVA), no ratio (NIVA) and no doc (NINA) types

Single family/detached PUD; condo and attached PUD newly added

Refinancing can give you extra cash for the things you’ve always wanted to do. Like taking that long-deserved vacation, or investing in a business or a new property.

“No Income Verified”
Is your income difficult to prove? We have mortgage loans that do not require the standard income documentation. (like W2’s)

Do you have too much existing debt?
Conventional lenders will turn you down if they think you have too much debt. At American Home Equity , our flexible lending criteria allow us to look at you, and your unique situation.

Do you have Less-than-perfect credit?
We specialize in debt consolidation even if your credit is in “the rebuilding phase”.

Bankruptcy or Foreclosure
Even if you’ve had a bankruptcy, or foreclosure in the past, we will do our best to get you qualified.

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