Bags for girls are suitable in the fall

Autumn is a season of sweetness and romance, vibrant and warm, classic fashion colors such as yellow, brown, purple are always the right choice for gentle and feminine girlfriends.

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As for individual girls, it is impossible to ignore cold tones such as black, dark blue …

Pantone Color Institute always makes fashion followers eager. Because, Pantone helps them know which color will be the main color, and becomes a trend in the next 6 months. As a result, shopping will become easier and less stressful when they know which color is most popular. And if you have to choose a perfect highlight on the overall appearance of you, you cannot lack beautiful and fashionable handbags. Then depending on her personality and love, she chooses a color that suits her.

1. Gentle, feminine with deep warm tones.

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With neutral, warm colors to be easily combined with any outfit. This color gamut is suitable for calm girls who like elegant, elegant beauty and are extremely graceful and feminine.

The brown tone is suitable for all styles such as bohemian, trendy autumn or casual, or luxury, … Not only costumes but also beautiful bags need to follow the trend of this new season. Topping the table in fashion that suits the cool weather of autumn is nothing but gentle and gentle camel cream color.

2. Fashionable, stylish with cool colors.

A representative of the cool color gamut is black, a color that is widely used in fashion designs, any season, and always has a large fanbase. other of the color scheme. Cold colors are always sought after by girls because they often bring a sense of elegance, lightness but still impressive enough to create a highlight for her personality. In addition, they are also very easy to combine clothes or accessories because of minimalistic colors.

Cool color designs always give you more confidence, as they make it easier for you to hide imperfect curves to deceive the vision, instead of using brighter colors. Cool colors are often easily combined with neutral colors like black or white. Small tip, cold colors will be more suitable for girls with white skin, bringing the “lady” look to the girlfriend.

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