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FHA Mortgage Refinance

Streamline - or Cash Out Refinancing

A few years ago, American Home Equity Loans became a HUD approved FHA lending company that provides FHA mortgage refinance, streamline and cash out refinancing across the nation. The FHA mortgage products are insured by the government and offer home refinancing products such as FHA streamline and 203B for cash out.

Our experienced loan officers understand FHA and qualifications you need to refinance.

As a direct lender we always have the best access to best FHA refinance products. If you have problems with your credit history, but need to refinance, FHA refinance loans are likely the best route to take.

Lower Your Interest Rates with a FHA Mortgage Refinance

If you had a bankruptcy recently discharged but you want to consider new mortgage options, then FHA mortgages should be at the top of your list. FHA mortgage refinance loans have made the news in recent months, as the government has turned to FHA home loans for one of the preferred solutions for homeowners needing foreclosure prevention assistance. The FHASecure was created to help borrowers who had a variable interest rate refinance into a fixed rate mortgage, even if they had poor credit scores from delinquent mortgage payments.


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If you already have a FHA mortgage, but you want a lower interest rate then consider the FHA streamline for refinancing into a lower rate. Borrowers who need cash out cannot qualify for the streamline refinance, because this program is only for rate and term refinancing. Borrowers can refinance for cash back, but not with the streamline option.

American Home Equity Loans offers 97% No Cash Refinancing

  • FHA loan amount maximum $729,750
  • 85-95% cash-out loans for Improvements or credit refinancing
  • Full documentation is required with FHA home refinancing
  • FHASecure provides foreclosure prevention solutions
  • FHA Streamline requires no income documentation!

Our online lending network is equipped to provide you a wide variety of refinance loans that have become very popular again even as the interest rates have been on the rise. Many of our customers have been praising our low payment FHA mortgage refinancing programs that offer several terms to meet your individual needs.

Consolidating adjustable rate loans and credit and refinancing into a fixed rate mortgage, is the financing we preach at American Home Equity. Our loan officers will work hard to lower your mortgage rates and reduce your total payments as well.

Bankruptcy or Foreclosure
Even if you've had a bankruptcy, or foreclosure in the past, we will do our best to get you qualified. Even if you've had a bankruptcy, or foreclosure in the past, we will do our best to get you qualified. According to a recent report, the Housing of Urban Development reported that "FHA refinancing has enabled thousands of homeowners to reduce their debt and keep their home from being foreclosed."

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